Api Selvatica leads a conscious, ethic and ecological beekeeping, it only breeds apis mellifera ligustica subspecies autoctona with the lucid and passionate belief of having in its hands a treasure to be protected.

Api Selvatica lives on the hills and on the Appennines of the province of Modena, far from human dangers and harbored by the land, the woods and the fields of generous and kind people that know how to take care of our Planet with sincere and deep wisdom.

In a tiny mountain valley, hidden among the chestnuts, Api Selvatica grows saffron that in October, for the fast time of some dawns, colors the autumn of purple and red.

Among the distractions of an elusive World Api Selvatica is a bid to stop and reflect, to bring the thoughts back to the Earth, to rediscover and breathe the land to which we belong.

It’s being in love with our own roots.

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