Api Selvatica is an attempt to change, a will, a choice of future.

Selvatica – Wild – as the Nature that hosts its bees and that frames the land that it cultivates, the one that is not exploited intensively neither polluted by pesticides, cradle of biodiversity, the origin of everything.

It breeds, with the organic method, the ligustica honey bee, italian and autochthonous subspecies of the honey bee, conscious of the heritage that has the fortune to preserve.

Api Selvatica doesn’t practice nomadism, when choosing places for its bees it does it with the idea not to leave them, limiting the travels therefore the pollutant emissions and the wearing out of bees, favoring the maintenance of the balance that is established between bees and the environment and giving great value to the local honeys.

The honeys that derive are hence the most genuine expression of the territory from which they come, the explosion pristine reflection that its smells and its colors manifest through the flowers.

The honey is extracted thanks to centrifugal force and filtered from impurities, left to stand, then put into jars.

The saffron, of which Api Selvatica plants the bulbs in august, rests in the soil following the slow pace of autumn up to october, time when the flowers, that must be picked at the earliest morning lights, begin to blossom. From the flowers, with care and patience, are immediately after extracted the stigmas, the pistils, that undergo a slow and costant drying process which exlats its aromas and properties.

Saffron is cultivated in a completely natural way, without the use of pesticides.

So a few simple operations guarantee pure and authentic produce.

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