Api Selvatica comes from far away, it borns with no name and with undefined borders in the young head of a woman who struggles with vertigos that gives life when it presents in front of you all its possibilities.

It’s love for the Earth, a slow run that begins with a journey and goes through many horizons, mental and not.

In a june night of  frenetic impatience, dreamlike happiness and a bit of fear Api Selvatica becomes reality: the first ten families of bees, crossing the appennines, arrive home and, in a hidden corner among the hills of Modena, start to whir.

Api Selvatica is work, passion, study, consciousness.

It’s the pursuance of the journey, evolution.

It’s the voice of a twenty-five year old uncompromising heart that begins to scream,  more than ever to itself, that the beauty of the world can be saved.

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